Easy Ways to Rebuild a Chevy 350 Engine

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It is about turning plastic waste, food containers, bottles, bottle caps, plastic wrap and all disposable plastic into oil. After all, it was oil in the first place. It is about a machine that can produce oil in the form of gasoline, diesel and kerosene from plastic garbage.

Akinori Ito has invented a contraption that will do that. The appliance is only about the size of a water cooler and it is apparently safe to use. Little children can stash the trash right into the top. Mr. Ito travels the world spreading his gospel and teaching people in advanced and underdeveloped nations about preserving the planet by eliminating trash plastic and at the same time creating something that humanity can definitely use and needs.

Imagine a couple of these at the exit of every fast food restaurant.

They could be in all public places. What a clean and wonderful environment we should have then! They would be useful in parks too although they do need a modest electricity supply.

I expect that they can be made in varying sizes but I want a domestic sized gadget like this right in my kitchen.

Will it catch pellt making machine on? I certainly hope so. Our twenty first century life style needs it!

Unless some scientific data can be produced against the new plastic to oil machine then it should go into full production so we can all start using it immediately,

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