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Step 3: Spray the inside of your mold with non-stick cooking spray. I prefer Pam. Your Hershey's candle can be made in a pillar mold or in the bottom of a round tea pitcher. Use an extra long wick if you choose to use a tea pitcher. You will need the wick tab to sit centered at the bottom of the pitcher and have a good palm oil processing machine 5 inches above the top of the pitcher to wrap around a straw or stick long enough to be laid across the top of the pitcher.

Step 4: Place and center your wick. Thread your wick through a classic pillar mold and seal the end with mold sealer.

Step 5: Add several drops or shavings of brown dye to the paraffin wax. You can choose to have a white or a brown Hershey's candle. For white, skip dying.

Step 6: Add 10 to 15 drops of Hershey's fragrance oil to the paraffin just before you pour.

Step 7: Pour the wax into your candle mold or pitcher. Fill the pitcher up as high as you want the candle to be tall. I would recommend about 5 inches up.

Step 8: Allow the candle to cool completely at room temperature. Wait several hours at least.

Step 9: Remove the candle from the mold. The non-stick spray should make this step easy. If not, place the candle into the freezer for ten minutes and try again.

Step 10: Smooth Hershey's stickers onto the candles sides. Avoid wrinkles and bubbles. A good set of stickers will have chocolate kisses, chocolate bars and Hershey's wrappers.

Step 11: Heat un-dyed paraffin wax in your double boiler or candle making machine. Heat enough wax to fill a large container. You must be able to dip your entire candle into the melted wax at once.

Step 12: Add several drops of Hershey's fragrance oil to the melted paraffin. Pour it into a container deep enough, and large enough that you can dunk your entire candle into the melted wax in one dip.

Step 13: Hold your candle by palm oil processing machine the wick and dunk it into the wax completely. Pull it up out of the wax and then dunk it once more. Pull the candle out and set it aside on wax paper to cool.

Step 14: Heat just the bottom of your candle uniformly in a double boiler if it needs to be smoothed out. Your finished candle will be Hershey's scented and decorated in either brown or white. The finished product looks very professional, smells great and makes a great gift.

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