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When it comes to manufacturing home and garden tools that make a difference. you can always rely on Toro. Toro Oil Press has built a reputation for helping to create the greenest lawns on the block and the clearest driveways during the wintertime. This reputation for quality and reliability began almost immediately when the Toro Motor Company was formed in 1914, when the company experienced immediate growth and interest in their products and subsequently more and more satisfied customers encouraged business further growth.

As growth progressed, Toro was able to expand as a business by hiring more employees, including a fresh crop of ingenious developers and forward-thinkers. The number of their top-notch products has continued to grow to this day, bringing numerous Toro snow blowers, leaf blowers and lawn mowers into almost every neighborhood in North America. Over the years, the Toro Company also racked up many firsts in the industry: it was the first manufacturer to offer a lawnmower with an electric start, the first to use bag attachments with each mower and the first to provide a "Guaranteed to Start" warranty.

Today, Toro continues to push the limits of snow blower and lawn care innovation at their headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota. Under the Toro name, an assortment of high-quality machinery and convenient products has established a stronghold on the homeowner, professional and business markets. The last 15 years of the company's history has seen a broadening of business horizons, as Toro now caters to municipal parks, cemeteries, gated communities, and in recent years has come to dominate the golf course irrigation market.

The Toro name, reputation, and company policy also follows the desire to preserve and enhance the splendor of the environment. Products are built to stay safe, clean, quiet and gentle on natural resources. Toro also cares for their customers, as they actively give back to their industry and numerous communities through the Toro Foundation. With every purchase of a Toro snow blower or any other product bearing the illustrious Toro name, a portion of the proceeds are returned to a given community and the turf industry. Toro also has a Scholars Program, which aims to cultivate future leaders in the world of outdoor landscaping.

Toro's Impressive Line of Snow Blowers Toro offers a satisfying line of reliable snow blowers able to tackle the longest driveway or the most stubborn sidewalk when the winter begins to reach full swing. The company offers many different types of snow blowers aimed to cater to a versatile crop of customers. There are specific snow blower models made to fulfill simple sidewalks, decks and patios, while others are built for heavy-duty snow removal for driveways measuring about three cars wide.

Depending on your average snow accumulation and frequency of snowstorms, you may consider the following Toro snow blowers:

Single Stage: The CCR Powerlite, CCR 2450 GTS, and CCR 3650 GTS snow blower models are compact and lightweight, making maneuvering around multi-level landscaping and accommodating paved drive and walkways a much easier task.

Snow Commander: To easily remove snow with a high level of power, speed and maneuverability, the Snow Commander provides the unique Power Propel System and the durable, high-output R*Tek engine.

Two-Stage Power Max: The Power Max line (6000, 826 LE, 828 LXE, 1028 LXE, and 1128 OXE models) is full of power, easy-to-use, and highly reliable.

Two-Stage Power Throw: With the Power Throw 522, the heavy gauge steel and cast aluminum parts provide an efficiently tough machine able to oil machine tackle the worst of snow accumulation.

Electric Snowthrower: With the Power Shovel Plus and the 1800 Power Curve, all a user has to do is simply plug in the machinery without the hassle of worrying about gas or oil for their snow equipment.

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