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2000 ("2000"), a communication network of dream, is a communication system capable of mutual transmitting of multimedia data generally processed in computer, as well as existing voice data.

With its high performance data transmission, we expect that user-centered service such as motion video exchange and pc-like web browsing will become a normal ability of mobile phones.

With the improvements in the capabilities of 2000's communication and mobile terminals, VOD (Video on Demand) service is also expected to be possible and, furthermore, improved to the form of mobile multimedia unit.

Accordingly, we anticipate that various types of terminals will popsolrepublic.com be launched in great numbers into a market, which is quite different from existing terminals for voice communication. The terminals showed at the Exhibition of Electronic Devices in Japan this October are an example of this prediction. At the Exhibition of Electronic Devices, various application terminals with the ability of motion video service were displayed and the most difficult portion of each application was building a large display into a small mobile terminal.

With the provision of a wide variety of 2000 services, consumers would want a large-sized dramatic screen to be implemented to a mobile phone. We think that the unique plan to cope with the trend and consumer need is to provide a microdisplay of optical extension.

DaeYang E C plan to lead the trend of technology and consumer need, applying the technology applied to HMD See head mounted display. and optical system. Already, USA-based MicroDisplay, has developed a one chip ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) Pronounced "a-sick." A chip that is custom designed for a specific application rather than a general-purpose chip such as a microprocessor. interface system for their microdisplay, and this technology would be easily applied to a manufacturer of communication terminal.

That is, DaeYang E C supplies the reference designs for the prism lens/microdisplay/ASIC combination and the terminal manufacturer is able to test a large-sized dramatic screen by interfacing our technology with existing 2000 terminal.

The resolution of the microdisplay used in sol republic headphones the Daeyang application in SVGA (800x600 pixels) and, depending on the supporting communication network, consumers are able to enjoy the resolution similar to a computer monitor.

About Daeyang E C

Daeyang E C (KOSDAQ KOSDAQ Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations : 33030) develops and commercializes personal display products by applying total solutions for display headsets, head-mounted displays and mobile displays. The company was founded in 1979 by Junuk Lee, Founder and President, and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. These displays offer all of the benefits of a high-resolution display, while consuming very little power and coming in a small package. MicroDisplay miniature displays exploit liquid crystal on silicon Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS or LCoS) is a "micro-projection" or "micro-display" technology typically applied in projection televisions. It is a reflective technology similar to DLP projectors; however, it uses liquid crystals instead of individual mirrors. technology, featuring the integration of a tiny, active matrix liquid crystal display liquid crystal display (LCD)

Optoelectronic device used in displays for watches, calculators, notebook computers, and other electronic devices. Current passed through specific portions of the liquid crystal solution causes the crystals to align, blocking the passage of light. with on-chip and decoding circuitry. The MicroDisplay Corporation is a rapidly growing hi-tech startup company headquartered in San Pablo, California San Pablo is a city in Contra Costa County, California, United States. The city of Richmond nearly surrounds the whole city. The population was 30,215 at the 2000 census. The city is home to Contra Costa College as well as Casino San Pablo. , about 10 minutes north of Berkeley. MicroDisplay's technology had its genesis at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology, at Cambridge; coeducational; chartered 1861, opened 1865 in Boston, moved 1916. government agency administered by the Department of Defense (see Defense, United States Department of). (DARPA DARPA: see Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

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